Chiropractic Treatment Process in Brenham TX

Chiropractic Brenham TX Treatment Process

Bartay Chiropractic is not your conventional health care provider or chiropractic service in Brenham TX. We have distinct goals for healing and have developed and structured our treatment processes with these goals in mind. Bartay Chiropractic offers a very unique and highly effective treatment program. We often say our greatest compliment is a referral. The majority of our patients come to us through referral. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Bartay Chiropractic’s treatment program consists of carefully developed phases of care that include specific exercises and modalities of treatment customized for each patient.  When followed, these processes result in aiding a patient in returning to an optimal level of health and fitness, or in some cases, achieving a level of health and functionality they’ve never had before.  Whether you need to heal from an injury, or simply desire to enhance your performance or overall health, Bartay Chiropractic’s treatment program has exactly what you need to make it happen.

Phases of Brenham TX Chiropractic Care

Each patient is unique and different.  There are four phases of care that most of our patients go through.  These phases include:

Phase 1 – Pain Relief

Our first goal is to get you out of pain.  Pain not only hinders an active lifestyle, but can also be completely debilitating.  We want you to enjoy life and be pain free.  The goal of phase one of treatment is to reduce and/or eliminate your pain so you can begin functioning and healing. This phase of treatment typically lasts anywhere from two to four weeks. However, the treatment processes offered in all phases of care can and are sometimes repeated as necessary for the patient to be ready to move into the next phase of care.  During each phase, re-evaluations are done to make sure the patient is on track for the next level of treatment and care.  Helping our patients heal is our goal, but protecting them in the process is one of our top priorities.

Phase 2 – Corrective Care

Most of our patients, upon completing the Pain Relief phase of treatment, realize that if they stop at that point, the pain and symptoms they initially experienced will most-likely come back.  It may take a few weeks or months, but they will return.  Many chiropractors specialize only in relief of pain and/or symptoms.  But at Bartay Chiropractic, it is our goal to get you back to a level of optimal health that is not a life-long dependency upon intensive care.  Our goal is to help you regain your full active lifestyle.

During phase two we will teach and educate you on the exercises that will not only strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine (to restore normal function in your body), but when continued, will protect you from recurring flare ups or a return of symptoms.  We can repair the damage and strengthen the spinal muscles to allow normal function to return.  Pain always shows up towards the end of the degenerative process.  That is why it goes away early in the treatment process.  The stronger and more conditioned your muscles surrounding the spine become, the healthier your overall body function will be.  Following phase two, your body should be able to handle a reasonable amount of stress without the painful symptoms coming back.

Phase 3 – Stabilization

Once an orthodontic patient gets their braces on their teeth removed, they are typically fitted with a retainer to assist the teeth in maintaining the corrective procedures experienced.  This is known as stabilization.  In our treatment of the spine, once we correct the issues affecting it, we then need to stabilize it.  In many cases, the ligaments and tendons have lost their elasticity.  They are like a spring that has been stretched out and is unable to naturally recoil.  Due to their great blood supply, muscles heal within weeks and provide us with the optimal avenue for changing the shape of the spine typically in a rapid fashion.  However tendons and ligaments heal much slower.  They can take many months.  This is why continuing your exercise program is so important.  The Stabilization Care phase of treatment focuses on the re-strengthening and rebuilding of muscles, ligaments, and tendons; all in an effort to support the spine and create a level of optimal health and functionality.

Phase 4 – Wellness Care

Once you have your life back and have become active and healthy again, we want to make sure you stay that way!  However, it is unrealistic to expect patients to simply go the remainder of their lives healthy and happy when they are faced with the same stress that probably caused their initial symptoms.  Physical, emotional, and chemical stress can wreak havoc on the body, and the mere force of gravity experienced daily on the spine will eventually cause a patient to require care.  Just as teeth will eventually move out of alignment again, so will the spine.  This is why we have developed our fourth phase of care, Wellness Care.

Patients who maintain their weekly exercises and come in every so often for their wellness checkups are able to maintain their spinal correction, combat any new stress such as the effects of gravity, and maintain a high level of functionality. Patients who follow phase four consistently can truly understand and apply the sage advice of Ben Franklin when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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