Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have never met a doctor that cares as much about his patients unlike some physicians that I’ve gone to who are in a hurry to get rid of you. Dr. Bartay takes the time to help the patients with whatever they need. It also helps that he has a staff that is friendly and kind. The patients are more than just a name on a chart. He cares about them as people too. Instead of going to a doctors office, it feels more like going to see some really good friends. I recommend Bartay Chiropractic to anyone.”

- D.B.

“I really like the approach to Dr. Bartay’s practice. His personnel are very helpful and friendly. I have had lower back pain for the past 30 years that has kept me from enjoying sports and children. Now I generally have no back pain and chiropractic has provided hope for me.”

- R.G.

“I have been experiencing neck and back problems for the past 20 years as a result of being a fighter pilot and the “G” force. My mobility has improved and I have less pain now. Dr. Bartay has excellent service, great staff, and great equipment.”

- R.B.

“In the 1970’s I injured myself trying to start a lawnmower. My pain has bothered me off and on all of my life, but has recently gotten worse. I had severe leg pain and was not able to do anything when it got bad. When I stared at Dr. Bartay’s office, I had been on medications for 2 months, and now I am not taking any medications and my pain is gone. I thought there may be no help for me-I was wrong. Dr. Bartay got me back to my life again. They are the Greatest!”

- E.S.

"The whole experience at the office is fantastic. The whole team works so well together to provide for patients. The care that is provided is superb from start to finish and the treatment is accurate and complete! Thank you for welcoming me so well into your practice!"

- J.S.

"Professional staff, great doctors, many different therapies, and caring people."

- R.W.

"Best office ever,! Everyone if professional, friendly, caring and helpful . Dr. Bartay can adjust my neck like no other. I walk out feeling so much better. They have laser and other therapies which are helpful. They have been known to stay late and come in early. They care about their patient’s health. Education is the key at Dr. Bartay’s. Thank you for being there."

- L.W.

"Great place ! Doctors are excellent, massages are fabulous and the staff are very friendly and helpful!!"

- A.B.

"Always a great experience!"

- P.H.

"I would highly recommended this Chiropractor . Excellent Doctors with a very helpful and friendly staff."

- R.M.

"Breath of fresh air, first class service and facility."

- B.W.


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